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MAUS offers a cloud software platform that arms you with the largest range of consulting tools in one interactive platform.

Quickly and easily analyse and monitor your clients’ business. It gives consultants, advisors and accountants a structured workflow to engage clients from initial engagement through to ongoing client management.

Totally customisable, you can mould the software to meet the requirements of each unique engagement. Using “state of the art” technology, the MAUS HUB will completely transform your clients business and your practice. With over 20 years experience in designing programs for consultants and advisors, MAUS has developed an award winning cloud based software platform that will help you to:-

1. Engage your clients in a far more profitable manner.

2. Provide an instant, high impact solution to transform your clients business into a ‘high performance business”

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Core Advisor Software


Benefits to your clients

Instantly clean up your clients’ business:

The Hub has a document management system that will help to get your client organised. Upload their policies and procedures, sick leave, expense, commission and other critical documents to a central repository.

Align everyone in the company with the business goals

The one page scorecard framework allows you to identify the key drivers of the organisation and then drill down to employees.

Strategy Execution

The product has weekly planning, monthly planning and project planning modules that ensure strategies are executed.

High Performance Business

Your clients’ will access state of the art systems to enhance staff accountability, profitability, systems, and build toward potential exit.


Benefits to your practice

The Hub will become the most powerful tool in your consulting arsenal. It will help you to:-

Build your confidence as an advisor.

Structure the way you engage your clients and perfect it over time as your confidence builds. The Hub will automatically create powerful PowerPoint presentations for these monthly/quarterly meetings that combines client strategy and business performance into a simple presentation.

Create a Recurring Revenue Stream:

It turns a “one on one” client engagement into a monthly recurring revenue stream creating structure to your monthly client meetings.

Justify your ongoing fees:

Exponentially increase the professional systems, resources and templates that you deliver to clients as part of your services.


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