What is Coaching?

Business Coaching originates from the sporting arena where coaches have for centuries helped athletes achieve their goals.

Coaching is a slightly different concept to consulting. But in a nutshell, consulting implies that you identify a problem that a client has and you propose a solution. Coaching is more about the facilitation of a process so that the client can self help.

The analogy to sport is a good one and also helps us to understand the difference between consulting and coaching.

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Imagine a tennis coach for instance. The coach talks to the athlete, shows the athlete where their skill levels are inadequate and then sets over a period of time a plan for the athlete to improve. The plan would enable the athlete to think for him or herself in pressure situations and determine the correct shot to play. This is called coaching.

If the coach on the other hand instructed the athlete to play a particular shot (rather than having the athlete decide on the best shot) or took the tennis racket and played a few sets for the athlete then this would be an extreme version of consulting.

Business Coaching therefore is about collaboratively seeking a solution and formulating an action plan. It looks probably at a more broader perspective and helps in the development of a process for that business to proceed. Whereas consulting is more defined around problem solving and the suggestion of specific solutions.

So what does this mean?

We should not concern ourselves with trying to define a label as to whether we are performing mentoring, consulting, coaching or facilitation. Our prime goal should be to make the client money.

In reality, the more business and consulting experience you have then the more that you will interplay multiple disciplines in the one assignment. You will both coach and at the same time steer your client toward a solution that from your experience you know is the best option. You may mentor and train.

Our philosophy at MAUS Business Systems is to ignore the constraints of definitions and concentrate on the one thing that you were employed for….to make your client money.

We provide a framework of business tools that will help you to build your practice. You might start off in a consultative process of preparing a business plan for a client. Then we teach you how to convert this consulting assignment into an ongoing coaching assignment by working with the senior managers on implementing their programs.