Marketing and Lead Generation

The MAUS Lead generation tools include:
– Online audits and diagnostics.
– Online business calculators.
– 4 eBooks covering business planning, exit planning and more.
– And much more…

How do Consultants win new advisory clients?

The MAUS marketing & lead generation systems will help any consultancy and accountancy practice to build a solid marketing program simply and quickly. The goal; to target and impress prospects and provide a platform to convert these leads to a new business advisory client.

MAUS has been helping consultancy and accountancy practices for over 20 years. Web pages are customised with your picture and details to help cross-sell your services. The lead generation software generates reports for clients to entice them to trial your services – a great way to expand and build a successful business advisory services practice.

Spend 10 minutes preparing a report that could lead to a client for life. We have created a number of client teasers and resources that are designed to make you look as if you have spent years developing consulting material. These teasers include systems check-lists, exit and succession planning, marketing, HR and even workplace health and safety.

Online Diagnostics & Customised webpages

This is a set of online resources for potential clients to interact with. Your copy would be customized with your picture, logo and contact details. Use the link below to get an idea of the process. The great part here is that you receive their details and their report once they have completed it….providing you with the perfect platform to begin communication.

You will notice the following features:
  1. Customized landing pages with your picture, business name and position
  2. Contact forms, that send YOU prospects name and details upon capture
  3. Customized reports with your logo
  4. Once an assessment is complete, the website bounces prospects BACK to your company website
How you can get maximum results from this tool:
  1. Use professionally designed graphics such as the one below (or your own) to link to this web portal from your website. Generate leads, build credibility, knowing the prospect will be bounced back to your website.
  2. Use the assessments to add a WOW factor to seminars or educational presentations. Particularly powerful when you are presenting to a room full of people you don’t know. Have them complete a self-assessment as part of your presentation (they love it – they receive an immediate result out of 100), which in turn provides you with their contact details and a report to follow up.
  3. Use professionally designed graphics such as the one below (or your own) to create a powerful social media campaign.

Click the image as though it was on your website! This one is linking to our Exit & Succession diagnostics.

(or paste into your browser if the image doesn’t show below)


Interactive Online “What if” Calculator

Instant valuation estimates for your client. This simple, impressive calculator within the online website determines the possible potential value range of a business. Enter your financials and the calculator will estimate your business worth based on these assumptions.

Professionally designed web banners to help drive traffic and lead generation

Place on your website, and link to the online audits. There are many different styles for you to choose.

Marketing Material – E-Books

E-Books are the perfect “free” resource to offer on your website and will stop you reinventing the wheel. Our e-books are customised with your picture and logo placed at the start and your contact details at the end. We also have pre-configured buttons which you may choose to use on the site as shown below:

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