The “ProfitMax”© Program

A MAUS Accredited Partner will work with your business on introducing worldwide proven systems that will maximise your profitability.

What are the business outcomes? Improved profitability, increased revenue, better business direction and alignment, less stress on the CEO, greater accountability to performance, more efficient systems and improved business value if the business is sold.

The “ExitMax”© Program

The “ExitMax”© Program will identify key areas that will make your business more valuable to a potential buyer. Our Accredited Partners typically work with businesses 12 – 36 months prior to the owner wishing to sell. The goal: Maximize the ultimate selling price!

The “PeopleMax”© Program

The “PeopleMax”© Program introduces systems and processes to improve staff performance, accountability and motivation.

What are the business outcomes? Improvements in staff motivation and morale, staff accountability and KPI targets, staff performance, increased profit and revenue, reductions in staff turnover and risk of employee litigation.

The “TeamMax”© Program

This program is tailor made for your organisation and involves team building, brainstorming and training workshops. There is a wealth of ideas, talent and productivity locked in your staff. These workshops are designed to release that raw energy back into the business.

What are the business outcomes? New ideas, problem solving, improved management skills, improved team morale and performance.

The “CEOMax”© Program

The “CEOMax”© Program concentrates on bringing a group of CEOs together on a regular basis to help each other make better decisions, brainstorm, network and workshop issues in a confidential environment.

What are the business outcomes? Networking, better decision making, new ideas, problem solving, improved management skills, improved profits and revenue.

The “SystemMax”© Program

Your MAUS Accredited Partner will work with you on streamlining your business systems and cutting out inefficiencies.

What are the business outcomes? Improvements in productivity, quality, customer satisfaction, increased profit and revenue and reduced risk of legal liability.

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