MAUS have developed best of breed client engagement methodologies. Methodologies that have been tried and tested over the last 20 years. As an accredited partner you are trained how to use the methodologies to help your clients achieve success.

Your Business Success

The powerful “YourBusinessSuccess” Program provides you with a “step by step” process to take your clients business to the next level. A simple 7 step framework to help structure your client engagements.

As an accredited partner and a Your Business Success licensee you’ll be trained in the business model, methodology, delivery techniques and software systems to help drive your practice and clients business to success.

MAUS CEO Peter Hickey shares the keys to unlocking Your Business Success.

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“Max Programs”

The “Max Programs” are a series of specific solutions that can be implement based on unique client scenarios. They include:


  • The “ProfitMax”© Program
  • The “ExitMax”© Program
  • The “PeopleMax”© Program
  • The “TeamMax”© Program
  • The “CEOMax”© Program
  • The “SystemMax”© Program
  • The “ValueMax”© Program


Accredited partners are trained to deliver each of the max programs and learn how to implement the systems and software tools to help your clients overcome their challenges.


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