Accredited Partner Program

Perhaps you are an ex business owner or business executive looking for a new career. Or you are an accountancy practice that is looking to expand the practice into advisory services….You know that you could make a difference and it could be a profitable arm to the business but you just don’t know where to start.

The accredited partner program takes advisors through an entire process to get them ready. This includes face to face training where we do role plays, scripting, discuss your charge rates, how to conduct your assignments and more. We have monthly mentoring support as well as one of the best methodologies and processes backed by millions of dollars of back-end software.

What can you expect as an accredited partner?

  • Mentoring and training structure – 4 mentor sessions to get you started with top MAUS advisors. Learn how to successfully utilize the MAUS tools. Monthly network meetings, and annual conference.
  • 4 day training – more info click here
  • State of the art marketing and lead generation tools to win more clients.
  • Software based audits / analysis / planning tools – automate and systemize your processes. Guarantee quality. These tools save hours and hours of ground work, and generate professional quality reports with the click of a button. Incudes gap analysis, action plans!
  • Best of breed methodologies – supported by professionally designed collateral, software and DIY-style work books.
  • Value adds for clients – Resources costing millions to develop, including MBA course, TV production quality training videos, calculators, 100’s of educational articles…. All packaged up for you either online, or in power point presentations.
  • Turbo charge your first few months – training, confidence building, proven client acquisition models, and telemarketing scripts.
  • Forget being restricted by expensive business advisory franchise’s, become a MAUS certified consultant.

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Cloud Software Solutions

All the MAUS consulting methodologies and consulting systems are available in the MAUS Hub Consultants Edition – an award winning business consultant software platform.

It will provide your consultancy and advisory practice with an instant competitive advantage. It includes the largest range of consulting tools in one interactive platform.

  • MAUS has the fastest, most advanced client audit / planning tools available.
  • Assess and generate documentation/reports for your clients business in minutes rather than hours.
  • Tools are highly professional, in a language your client can understand.
  • Lays the ground work for you to build loyalty with your clients, and form the foundation for ongoing, profitable monthly engagement.


The largest range of Business Advisory Tools in one integrated platform

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Core modules available include:

  • MAUS Client Needs Analysis
  • MAUS Profit Builder
  • MAUS Valuation Gap Analysis
  • MAUS KPI Dashboard
  • MAUS Virtual CFO Pro
  • MAUS Busienss & Marketing Plans
  • MAUS Project / Deadline Management
  • MAUS Exit & Succession Planning
  • MAUS Policies & Procedures
  • MAUS Job Descriptions
  • MAUS Performance Review
  • MAUS Client Documentation Manager
    and many more…

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Marketing & Lead Generation

The MAUS lead generation software pack will help any consultancy and accountancy practice to build a marketing program virtually overnight. The goal; to target and impress prospects and provide a platform to convert these leads to a new business advisory client.

MAUS has been helping consultancy and accountancy practices for over 20 years. The MAUS Lead Generation & Marketing Pack for consultants and accountants is an instant set of web based resources including videos, calculators and diagnostics, attached to your current website that you can use to generate leads, build credibility and win news clients. Web pages are customised with your picture and details to help cross-sell your services. The lead generation software generates reports for clients to entice them to trial your services – a great way to expand and build a successful business advisory services practice.

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Short Courses

MAUS runs a range of short certificate courses to educate advisors, consultants and coaches in the latest practices, methodologies and opportunities in the consulting space.


Certificate in Consultancy Fundamentals




Certificate in Exit Planning



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