How do you Win new Clients and Build your Business Consultancy or Couching Business?

Many business consultants and business coaches will fail because they do not know how to win new clients. Winning clients for any consultancy or coaching business can be one of the most frustrating, time consuming and expensive elements of your business…..…and it is one that is often done very poorly.

Without leads and an effective sales conversion system..…it doesn’t matter how good your internal systems, your personnel and your product is…….your business will simply fail.

A lead generation system for coaches?

To develop a lead generation system, try not to sell in the first instance. But rather to supply helpful information that informs your prospects on how to potentially solve their problems.

This idea of adding value to your prospects is called education based or relationship marketing. The effect is achieved by providing prospects with valuable ideas and helpful information on topics that are most important to them.

The goals are to build trust and establish a dialog that is not just centred around a sales pitch.

How to implement this system that will help business coaches and business consultants win new clients

Step 1: Define your prospects and specialty area

1. Define the target market
2. Define the biggest problems that your client is having

The first step should that you should implement is to decide who your prospects are. This comes back to your original marketing plan and financial modeling. Those with established businesses will have a good understanding of who their prospects are, those that are starting a business should think long and hard at the outset of who they are trying to attract.

Try not to attract people that you can’t convert to a profitable assignment. Think about your end goal, your billing rates and the number of clients you need.

Then you need to get inside the mind of your prospect. Work out every step of their day to day routine keeping in mind the product or service that you offer that might be “the solution”.

Step 2: Develop your lead generation material and communication plan

The basis of the communication plan is to continue to refine the prospect down into “problem areas” and to match these “problem areas” with products or services your practice offers. You need to establish good “teaser” information. For example, “7 things to know before buying a car”,“10 things not to do when building a house.”

Make the material catchy and relevant. For example business coaches and consultants consider material such as..
1. 7 ways to fire an employee
2. 22 sample incentive schemes for staff
3. 33 ways to improve your business

In the presentation of your information, position yourself as an expert. You do this by including references to your stature and standing, past client or years experience in the field you have chosen to supply information.

Step 3: Distribute Material

The goal of this type of marketing is to produce information which you offer in magazines, seminars and PR programs. You offer this information and in return you receive the contact details of your prospects.

In years past and when I established my consultancy in 1990 we were constrained by seminars, mainstream advertising and expensive mail shots. These days our education material can be broadcast at a very low cost via the internet and through webinars. (Web seminars). We can use email or fax. Of course traditional channels such as coupon advertising, leaving material with your channel is all very effective provided it can be cost justified.

Step 4: Follow up and convert

But the education can’t just be a one off…….you must set up a communication plan that keeps you in front of your prospect. This over a period of time convinces your customers that you are the type of firm that they would want to deal with. Trust and credibility are the key words, the more you don’t sell “openly” the more your potential prospects start to trust and want to establish a relationship with your firm.

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