Hear from those who gone through the program.



I have been using MAUS products with my clients for a number of years now and I have always found the products to be practical, easy to use and cost effective for my clients. The product range provides business with the essential tools to improve and monitor performance across the whole business.

– Leonard Robertson CPA

“I was delighted with my visit to your office and I want to thank you for the generous help the MAUS team gave me. MAUS is a known and trusted business name. I like your team with Peter visible in the lead. I was impressed with the culture. What an opportunity and privilege for your small group to be in on the ground floor with a true entrepreneur. It’s great to see you make a new beginning with such a head start and a chance to do it even better the second time around. I will follow your growth with interest.”


– Manfred Kemter

“A quick but sincere thank you to each of you for a splendid conference. Professional, interesting, informative and a great opportunity to feel part of something bigger. I appreciate there is a huge amount of work to pull off something like this so successfully and can only congratulate you, particularly in light of the other business activities you have had on your plates recently! Well done, and I hope you have a chance to pause and applaud yourselves on such a successful event”.


– Christine Macdonald

“Fantastic! I can see very clearly how too build my in this area (exit strategies). Excellent! I am very grateful and proud to be part of this coaching network. Now I can see exactly how to increase my income and service my clients”


– Matt Ward

Very good! It’s a great product; they’re a great team; it was a great experience!


– Gerhard Du Plooy

We recently received a lead from a well known Australian travel company and introduced them to one of our network member’s, Mathew Ward. Here is a testimonial from Mathew thanking MAUS for the opportunity:

“Thanks for the travel company lead that you sent me. I did as you advised and ran the Business Planning software as part of the training course. They loved it! They have just signed me up for a whole series of workshops around the country at $1100 per day. The complete deal is worth over $20,000 with possible software licensing deals to come.

The business Planning software is absolutely incredible; it’s an invaluable tool to make it possible for people to become far more strategic by enabling them to work on their business rather than in it.
As a result of this, from a coaching, training and facilitation point of view it has allowed me and my clients to gain absolute clarity on where to focus in their business to gain the most amount of money/profit with the least amount of effort in the shortest possible time frame.

Peter hickey’s support, guidance and expertise through Corprat has been invaluable and has exceeded all my expectations. Just one client has well and truly paid for the Corprat membership fee and I’m sure will lead me into a multiple six figure income.

This deal has put me on the map and given me confidence; I’ve gained success at lightning speed.


– Mathew Ward

The instant professionalism gained from the Corprat software makes converting leads effortless! In my first month of being a Corprat Coach, I gained three recurring revenue assignments.

This is how I did it: I made a list of friends, family and past clients, called them and organised to meet up over a cup of coffee. I showed them the Corprat Business Coach Scorecard and asked if they knew anyone who would benefit from this type of coaching. I received six leads and called each one.

The conversion rate after I demonstrated the Business Coach Scorecard was 50% within 2 weeks. It couldn’t be easier and I secured three scorecarding assignments with an expected value of $15,000!


– Christina Scott

The software tools, strategies, and the brilliant support from peter and the MAUS Business Systems team have greatly enhanced my ability to deliver a more focussed approach to the coaching I provide


– Greg Tomkins

MAUS Business Systems offers fantastic technology based software with practical and functional ability. I can highly recommended MAUS Business Systems for both new and already successful coaches alike… MAUS Business Systems is a great company to be affiliated with because it offers a step-by-step system backed by vast knowledge and user friendly tools.


– Dennis Curin

…the MAUS Business Systems team helps to keep me on track…thank goodness…


– Christina Scott

The MAUS Business Systems software is wonderful to use as a tool to empower my clients to write their own business plans and take ownership of them… The MAUS Business Systems tools are accompanied with a strong support team… Peter and the MAUS Business Systems support staff are always available and enthusiastic… I’ve saved hours of face to face time and can now accomplish what used to take me several long meetings to complete in just a short over the phone mentoring and coaching session.


– Michael Fox

It is fantastic to be part of a corporation that has already done so much as Peter; the CEO of MAUS Business Systems was also the successful founder of MAUS Business Systems… As a network member in MAUS Business Systems, I am on the ground floor of a growth organization… I am very happy to be part of it. Peter is dedicated to putting MAUS Business Systems on the world stage, which in turn adds to the benefit of and opportunities available for the network members.


– Ken Whitehead

The tools and techniques provided by MAUS Business Systems make me look more professional in the eyes of my clients.


– Adam Treharne

This program is a tremendous way to start your coaching business. Why would anyone want to waste 4 years of their life building the infrastructure when they can invest in your program for a fraction of the price.


– Paula Taylor

Your program and software, saves me money, keeps me honest and makes me money. Already my ROI is many multiples more than my initial investment.


– Christina Scott – CBS Management

Gday Peter, just a quick note to say thank you for suppling such a great quality product. I have wanted to start my own coaching business for sometime now, but couldn’t afford the high costs involved in either setting up my own software or buying a franchised business. The quality of your software and support materials have not only made it easier for me to set up my business and win clients, it makes me look very professional, as the quality I deliver to them (thanks to your products) is second to none. Thanks once again and please keep me informed of any new products you have coming out


– Felix Raish, Raish Business Coaching

The coaching program is brilliant and well worth the investment. It keeps me honest in terms of looking at the big picture and making sure that I stay focused on the goals of growing my business. Peter is a very knowledgeable mentor who is adding significant value to my ideas and direction.


– Todd McKenna

I would just like to let you know how much I appreciated the help and advice you gave me today, it is the best consulting advice I have ever received. I understand that I am from a technical background, I lack in some business management skills. There is a lot for me to learn and improve. I was really happy to meet you at the right time with this switch. I hope you can continue to become my mentor and guide me to success.


– David Lin

We have also received excellent reviews from HR Managers, CEO’s and Marketing Managers on our programs in addition to reviews from attendees at our consultancy workshops and “train the trainer” coaching programs. We asked a handful of Australia’s most progressive companies to review the Think Tank Program. We included HR Managers, CEO’s and Marketing Managers in the review process, with the median score matching “very good” resource. These are some of their comments on the templates.

“A worthwhile quick reference manual for trainers and managers”


– Gordon Tindall, General Manager, The Westhaven Association

It will help increase the effectiveness and decrease administration time


– Julie Doherty, Human Resource Manager, The royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children

Less is more! Visual displays were clear and to the point


– Cathy York, Marketing Co-Ordinator, Delta Laboratories Pty Ltd

Easy to follow – practical, step by step procedures


– Colleen West, HR Administrator, Donaldson Australia Pty Ltd

Great, simple, effective layout


– Kerry Newman, OHS Officer, Muswellbrook Crane Services Pty Ltd

Great resource tool for “breaking the ice” with concepts and development to engage groups in business planning and strategic development


– Greg Glennon, Northern Zone Manager, Eutectic Australia Pty Ltd

A compact, easy to read management tool essential for any company serious about growth


– Mark Kuczera, Human Resources, City of Sydney RSL

Great Material


– Andrew O’Keeffe, Human Resource Director, Sinclair Knight Merz Pty Ltd.

Essential business management source/reference


– Dr Carsten Matthai, Marketing Manager, Uniworld Colleges

A simple structure to common sense


– Shannon Wright, Group Marketing Manager, Alchin & Long Group

A great practical tool for busy leaders


– Mark Ward, National Sales and Mkting Manager, Linde Gas Pty Ltd

It was quick and easy to pick up the concepts with minimal detailed reading


– Ron Milne, Commercial Manager, Enware Australia, Pty Ltd

I think the templates fastrack any strategic train of thought to bring it down to implementation


– HR Manager, Legal industry

A very practical and user friendly workbook


– Maggie Johns, National Fundraising Director, The Heart Institute Ltd

Excellent tool for strategic planning


– Dean McCarthy, Assistant General Manager, Forster Tuncurry Memorial Services

Easy to follow….if your company is profit driven this would be a useful tool


– Kevin O’Malley, Manager Human Resources, Hunter Health

Simple pro-forma to implement or control most business process improvement programs


– Brian McRobbie, Marketing Manager, Visypak

It’s simple, just make time to use it