Why Is Exit Strategy Important?

Consider this: seventeen per cent of small business owners are planning to leave their business in the next two years and 40 per cent are aiming to leave in five years. Whether you live in Australia, USA, Canada, USA, NZ, the UK or South Africa...

I am a Business Broker… how do I coach clients?

How can I smooth out my revenue stream and turn unprofitable leads into great clients? Do you have potential clients approaching you asking to sell their business but on closer inspection there’s “nothing to sell”? By working with this client’s...

I am an Accountant…. how do I coach clients?

How can I add business coaching to my existing practice & value add to my existing clients. This package is perfect for accountants who want to add a new profit arm to their business. If you enjoy helping businesses succeed and you’re willing...

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I want to become a Business Coach

I don’t want to reinvent the wheel. I know I’ve got the skills, I just need some help to get started. Do you want to establish a coaching business but you are not sure where to start? How do you win new clients? The MAUS Accredited Partner...

I have an already Established Practice

I need to systemise what I do and make better use of my time by leveraging off technology. As an existing coach or consultant you have the experience and skills required to make this a huge success. MAUS can offer you a way to leverage your time...


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