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Start or Grow your practice the easy way with MAUS

We can help you to fastrack your practice… DON’T RE-INVENT THE WHEEL. MAUS can help you win new clients, provide you with insight and reviews on profitable business models as well as helping you to leverage your business….Coaching or consulting is a booming segment where some new practices are earning hundreds of thousands of dollars per annum.

MAUS has one of the largest networks in the world. MAUS has sold over 10,000 systems to consultants, coaches and business advisors and over 60,000 to SME business owners around the world. We will assess your current competency and requirements level and then decide whether you need full training, support and mentoring or just the software and systems.

Our packages start at $500 and range up to incorporate marketing, lead generation, training and one on one support. We can provide you with a broken down costing so that you can choose the option that best suits. If you are just interested in purchasing sme or consultancy software you can check out our software applications and get immediate access at Read below for more information on our full training. support and mentoring packages.

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7 Reasons to Join the MAUS Accredited Partner Program

LOW RISK BUSINESS: Coaching & Consulting is a low cost capital start-up business. You will save thousands of dollars by joining the MAUS program, learning from the experts and avoiding costly trial and error mistakes.

SUPPORT, MENTORING AND TRAINING: Have access to ongoing mentoring, guidance and education sessions to drive, motivate and ensure your continued success.

INSTANT MARKETING MATERIAL AND METHODOLGIES: You will be supplied with website templates, marketing material, e-marketing newsletters, associates programs, training and coaching methodologies. All can be customised to suit your independent business model.

GREAT LIFESTYLE: Create a business that gives you the money and time to have the lifestyle you’ve always wanted. Use our proven systems to fast track your success, and minimize the chance of failure.

SUCCESSFUL TEAM: Surround yourself by a successful team of entrepreneurs around the globe and leverage the credibility of being affiliated with a well respected and established company.

HOT TECHNOLOGY: Access award winning technology that helps you work smarter, not harder. Let the technology do the work. You will be supplied with state of the art cloud based software platform that contains over 25 pieces of technology that has been specifically designed for SME and Consulting and Coaching practices.

THE EXIT STRATEGY ADVANTAGE: Develop a competitive advantage and become an “Exit Strategy” business coach as well as a “Profit Improvement” business coach. The MAUS methodology will lead you though this exciting new growth area.

Leverage the years of experience of the MAUS systems and methodologies and save yourself thousands of hours in development time. Run an independent business with your own business model rather than as a franchisee with the typical constraints and excessive cost burdens. Adopt the marketing that suits your style of business but have access to the “best of breed” coaching methodologies and marketing strategies.

MAUS has developed simple to follow business processes that have evolved over many years of trial and error. We will educate you on these systems and help you create a Coaching/Consultancy business that really works. From sales scripts and meeting presentation skills to methods for packaging your services and creating real life balance, we provide you with proven techniques to incorporate into your business.

During the intensive training program you will learn:

The tried and tested business systems that have help many coaches before you achieve their goals.

All you need to know to generate leads, win clients and conduct successful, recurring revenue coaching assignments.

How to market yourself as a Coach/Consultant and the techniques for “becoming an expert.”

How to use MAUS award-winning technology to leverage your time, package your services and charge on the value you provide.

As part of the program we will teach you the techniques for preparing a business for sale and how to be a champion to your clients by helping them get the maximum possible sale price for their business.

Before attending training there is a component of pre-course curriculum that will prepare you to learn.

Due to the intensive nature of the induction session, you must prepare in advance in order to make the most of your time spent with the MAUS trainers. This pre-course work is sent to you when you first join the program.

Our training simulates real client-consultant interaction through case studies. This facilitates rapid personal and professional growth.

By joining MAUS you become part of an international network of leaders who have experienced great success in their own right. MAUS Accredited Partners operate at the pinnacle of their fields and before becoming coaches were working at the highest levels of management.

You have the opportunity to learn from these talented practitioners.

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